Carnegie Historical Museum 114 S Court St, Fairfield, IA

1893 is a significant date in the history of the Carnegie Museum. Curator Stan Plum will take you on a journey from Washington D.C. to the American southwest and back again to Fairfield. You'll come away with a greater appreciation of Carnegie Museum, the people behind its progress and the stories that bring its history […]


Carnegie Christmas Tree Project

Carnegie Historical Museum 114 S Court St, Fairfield, IA

A second annual adventure for the Carnegie Historical Museum will be to sell 25 Christmas Trees to Honor those who have been lost by their families.  With the Christmas season upon us, you might like to take time to remember or honor a loved one with a Christmas Tree in our outdoor display which will be lite […]

Memorial Holiday Tree Display Fundraiser

The Carnegie Historical Museum is planning for a second Memorial Holiday Tree Display that will be placed on the grounds around the southeast corner of the museum. As a fundraiser for projects around the museum, the museum committee will be selling 25 Christmas trees to those individuals and families who want to honor a loved […]